The Central Queensland Amateur Radio Association is dedicated to promoting Amateur Radio within the community and fostering the spirit of Amateur Radio within its members. Education and enjoyment are the cornerstones of our association.

The association started with 8 members, and has since grown to over 20. Our association boasts more than a 60% WIA membership and over 100 of years of combined knowledge and experience.

Originally started as a simple idea to evolve and move with the times, we decided to form an association with the goal of getting on the air, into the field and generally promoting Amateur Radio.

CQARA wishes to bring together radio enthusiasts to enjoy this exciting hobby. We are also committed to actively participating in public events, and increasing public awareness of Amateur Radio.

Whether you are a licensed amateur radio operator, or just have a general interest in radio and want to know more, you are encouraged to review this website, ask questions, join in on one of our meetings or groups, and become a member.


The objectives of the association are

To promote and foster interest in the general advancement of the science and practice of Radio Communication, and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on these subjects among its members and wider community;

To promote an environment consistent with the Amateur Radio Operator’s code of conduct;

To provide emergency communications to statutory services to assist the public when normal means of communications are disrupted;

To train, assist and encourage those who are interested in amateur radio by conducting programs and activities, to increase the general interest and fun of Amateur Radio within the association and community including facilitating training and assessment;

To support lawful, responsible conduct by its members and the amateur community in general.