70cm 439.900MHz Offset -5.000MHz, no tone
Wires X CQARA room node #24351DR-1_thumb
2m 147.075MHz Offset +0.600MHz, Tone 91.5Hz
IRLP node 6102  Echolink #9003BCR_Repeater

To make a IRLP call simply send the 4 digit node number via DTMF

Echolink and Wires X  calls add a # to the start of the node/room number you wish to call

If you wish to test your Echolink sound levels dial #9999

For IRLP sound level testing dial 9999

Sending 73 ends IRLP and Echolink calls

To end a Wires X call send *


For a list of IRLP nodes click here IRLP

For a list of Echolink nodes click here Echolink

For a list of Wires X Rooms click here Wires X Rooms

Need help using IRLP click here IRLP Guidelines

Wires X What is it?