Winlink Training day 2020

Hands on Winlink training was conducted at the Livingstones Local Disaster Coordination Centre Beaman Park Yeppoon on 16/02/2020.

  • Started with the an Introduction and safety briefing. Jeff VK4NJB
  • Demonstration of ham mesh network and VOIP by Frank VK4FLR and Kent VK4KWS
  • Morning tea.
  • Set up of members portable stations and connecting to portable Winlink station setup and supplied by Jack VK4LM.
  • Lunch.
  • Continuation of Winlink training with plenty of hands on connections with members own portable stations
  • Completion of training and tidy up of room.

Members in attendance

Jack VK4LM, Richard VK4FRIK, Frank VK4FLR, Brian VK4MBG, Bob VK4FRC,            Jeff VK4NJB, Merv VK4DV, Don VK4BY, Ray VK4XXX, Kent VK4KWS with a visit from David VK4FAAW

Great to see so many make the time to bring their gear to get it up and running. Best thing to do now is use your new found skills, give VK4LM VHF link a work out. Don’t be scared, if you think you might break it, its what we want to test the system. If it does break we will fix it and hopefully correct any errors for when we really do need to use VK4LM.

Big thank you for the great support as well as the great food by Mrs NJB

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