Winlink Project

Winlink hut coming together

Site preparations well under way

Toyota loaded to the gills with gravel, about 1.5t. Decided to put 100kg of concrete powder on bonnet to help hold front wheels down for traversing steep road

Mick VK4NHX fitting new hoses to machine

Mick up and running building a new piece of road to negate the existing steep sections on the access road

The crew digging the foundation holes. From left, Les VK4FLES on shovel, Chris VK4FGKO also on shovel, Bob VK4FRC on the water tank hose, Ray VK4XXX on the Dingo digger, arguing with the tough digging work. Ground is harder than concrete!

Hardware under test.

All progressing very well. We have approval to connect to the Winlink servers and all the hardware in hand. A few options for radios/antennas under consideration but at this stage we will have a local packet/Vara VHF link as well as Pactor I II III plus soundcard modes. Currently testing a Icom 7200 running Pactor and sound card modes (Winmore Ardop and Vara). Bands/frequencies to be worked out with other VK gateways and Winlink Development Team (WDT).

The system will fill in a big hole in the coverage of VKs East coast and the Pacific Ocean. It will be a hybrid gateway so if the internet is down emails will be forwarded via HF radio.