Wires X

Wires X

Wires X (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) is now connected to

our Yeasu DX1 Fusion 70cm Repeater. It is set up as a analog node so any radio can connect and use the system. For those of us with Yeasu C4FM radios you can still use

DN (Digital Narrow) to access the repeater however the downlink from the repeater

is Fixed analog FM.

Below are a couple of rooms you are sure to get a reply from a CQ call, keeping time zones in mind. These rooms have bridges to C4FM D-Star DMR Analog and all sorts of Hot Spots. So give them a go. A full list of rooms can be found here


CQ-UK               #27793

When you’re done send * to disconnect.

Because of so many different systems, internet latency ECT when you use Wires X

allow a few seconds after pressing the PTT before you start talking and when you’re

done with that over hold the PTT a second or two so all data can be transmitted.

You will also find longer gaps between over. Other than that normal radio etiquette

applies. No different to any other QSO be it on HF, Repeater, IRLP, Echolink